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Top Tagline Hits and Misses

While other kids were singing rounds of Row Row Row Your Boat, I was singing the Libby’s, Alka Seltzer and McDonald’s jingles. And forget Pictionary, Taboo or Scrabble – Adverteasing is my game. I know I’m not alone. A quick search on Google returns pages of lists, polls and posts of some of the best and most effective lines, and, yes an equal amount of those that fell far short Read More…


Coke Stays Fresh, Even at 134-Years-Old

Have you heard, 40 is the new 20? Well, I’m not sure about how true that statement is, but I can say that in Coca-Cola’s case, as a 134-year-old company, it’s as fresh, hip and relevant as a startup, with the reputation (and probably financial backing) a startup would kill for. Age isn’t keeping that brand down at all. Coca-Cola is a prime example of an old brand that is staying Read More…

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