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An Early Start to 2015 Strategic Planning

Flip Flops

Summer: A time when most of us would rather be outside, swimming, hiking or anything other than working. We may be in the “dog days” of summer, but that doesn’t mean our work or productivity has to suffer. Make the most of the “slow” time—clients on vacation, team members taking time off, etc.—to get organized and kick off planning for the new year. Yes, I said plan for the new Read More…


The Newest Additions to the PPBH Family

Newest Employees

It has been a busy summer for PPBH and we have added a few new members to the team! We are proud to say that we have hired eight very talented individuals over the last couple of months. It is PPBH tradition to ask all newbies a few random, yet extremely useful, questions. Here are some important facts that you should know about our newest team members. (From left to Read More…


Fueling the Fitness App Frenzy

Fitness Apps

People like to get in shape so it’s not surprising that mobile health and fitness apps are doing well. According to Flurry Insights, health and fitness app usage increased by 62 percent in the past six months and health and fitness tracking apps are growing 87 percent faster than any other app category. So, with that in mind, here are a few fun a fresh ways that advertisers are jumping Read More…


4 Refreshing Marketing Approaches for the Dog Days of Summer

Fresh Ideas

Ah, the “dog days of summer.” There’s not much that is better than languishing, lollygagging and sipping cool drinks during the long, hot days. While I’m all one for a good lollygag, why not take advantage of those extra hours of daylight—at least for a couple of days—to energize and fuel a few new marketing ideas to mix it up and get your target audience to take notice. A few Read More…


Get a Personality… On Social Media

Loud Personality

Business on social media for some people, is a fickle beast. One day you are rolling in the likes and shares and other days you are getting that single slow clap from your supportive mother. There are many ways you could improve your social media engagement, like reviewing your analytics or promoting your posts, but in this post we will only be touching on one very important piece, building your Read More…


Fresh Thinking in the Dog Days of Summer

New Thinking

With it’s long days and high temperatures, summer is a time for family trips and relaxing in the sun. It is not necessarily a time that we associate with fresh thinking or exceptional productiveness. The weather may be calling our names, but that does not mean that we shouldn’t make the best of the time that we have to be inside. So, PPBH has decided to spend the month of Read More…


Are You A Screen Addict?


Three questions crossed my mind when a friend deleted all of her social media apps because they were interfering with her daily life: Is Internet addiction a thing? When have you had too much? How could advertisers help people stay balanced? Does screen addiction exist? The idea of Internet addiction formally came to light in 1996 when Dr. Kimberly Young presented the first paper on the topic at the American Read More…


3 Sneaky Second Screen Applications

Sneaky Second Screen

I didn’t think second screen tactics applied to me. Sure, I sit in front of the computer and watch TV at the same time, but I never Tweet along with my favorite shows or log in to enter in the Pepsi Challenge, or whatever second screen prompt is in my face at the time. I just mind my own business, get some work done, check Facebook… you know, the usual. Read More…


3 Examples of Second Screen Done Right

Second Screen Done Right

Second screen is here to stay, as Allison shared earlier this month. So, how can you make second screen work for your brand? Here’s a look at how some companies and brands have put the second screen to work for them, with great success. Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics  In case you missed it, in February, we blogged about the major social media presence of the Sochi Olympic Games—read that post Read More…


Online Ad Fraud and How It’s Affecting You


In the world of online advertising, fraud has quickly become an industry norm. Read along to see how online advertising fraud is being committed and how it affects your business.  What Constitutes Online Ad Fraud? According to Google, there are two types of online advertising fraud: click fraud and invalid traffic. Click fraud is the intentional manufacture, creation or misrepresentation of clicks that are used for monetary gain and/or to Read More…