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Utah Business Advertising and Marketing Roundtable

Utah Business

Each year I’m invited participate with Utah Business in a roundtable to discuss the ever-changing world of marketing. The roundtable is made up of around 20 folks that manage Utah’s advertising PR, digital, SEO and media firms, as well as marketing directors from some of Utah’s leading companies. It’s a great way discuss trends, triumphs and predictions. Key topics that dominated the discussion year: How Quickly our Industry is Moving. Read More…


Spring Cleaning for Your Social Media


Everything needs a little organizing every once in a while and why should your social media be any different? Your pages and profiles are constantly out in the open for everyone to see, in many ways, they represent you and your voice to the masses. So whether it’s your personal page or business page, do a little clean up to make sure that only the right people are seeing your Read More…


Spring Cleaning and the Workplace: Surprising and Beneficial Things They Have in Common


Hello. My name is Stephanie and I’m an unashamed organize-aholic. Alphabetized spices, organized car trunk, shoes lined up heel to toe by heel height, and a color-coordinated closet takes me to that place of Zen. So, when we kicked off our spring cleaning theme for the blog this month I couldn’t contain my excitement to share a few items in the workplace that can always benefit from some attention, cleaning Read More…


Auditing Your Communication: Out with the Old, in with the New


The same philosophy of “out with the old, in with the new” that you may be using at your home during spring cleaning is the same philosophy that you should be using with your strategies and tactical planning and execution. What does this mean? It means to take a step away from all of the busy-ness and take a good look at what’s working, what’s not and what new tools, Read More…


Native, Programmatic & Mobile. Three Hot Digital Trends in 2014.

Punky Brewster

Image from Digital advertising has been around since Punky Brewster was on TV. However, after meeting the show’s star at AdTech 2014, there has been a lot that has changed. Here are some facts* to preface this article. According to eMarketer: 44% of all media time is spent online Social media currently accounts for 13% of the total digital ad spending 73% of US publishers offer native advertising on Read More…


Spring Cleaning at PPBH


Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have a few things we could get rid of, organize or just clean up this spring. Maybe it’s that weird collection of ceramic elves your mom got you for Christmas, or it could be a pile of clothes that you’ve been meaning to donate all winter. No matter, it’s time for some spring cleaning, and here at PPBH we are Read More…


Foursquare Ads Review from a Local Ad Agency


PPBH was intrigued when Foursquare announced last October that it would allow small businesses to advertise on Foursquare. The premise behind the mobile check-in app being able to actually track a click to a physical visit into your location was promising. Real foot traffic! Measurable ROI! We set up a campaign using our agency as a guinea pig, writing several ads that looked like this:           Read More…


How TPP Evolved Pokemon Beyond Its Old Brand


Image contributed by: TPP. Most of you have probably never heard of this acronym but for the past month TPP has driven over 36 million users to a single website to watch hundreds of thousands of people help an interactive Pokemon trainer become the world’s very best. Over 122 million commands were sent to TPP from all around the world, and through collaborative (and sometimes not so collaborative) efforts, Read More…


PPBH at AdTech San Francisco


A PPBH contingent will be at AdTech in San Francisco this week, exploring digital advertising technology trends. Here are just some of the topics we’ll be looking at: Online video is growing up. TV still gets all of the ad dollars, but digital video is seeing huge growth as advertisers are discovering big uplifts in reach and recall. What do we do with mobile? The ubiquity of smart phones should Read More…


The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard for Handling a Media Interview

Businessman like an ostrich

Think about some of the good interviews you’ve seen recently and then of the cringe-worthy. Preparation, practice and many other aspects are involved in a good interview, not the least of which is a well-informed, well-coached spokesperson. However, in any situation, whether you are sharing your latest success or breaking bad news, there are some working with media rules that you just shouldn’t break. The following while certainly not a Read More…