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Building Brands for 30 Years: A Look Back


The milestone of reaching 30 can be viewed as a strength, or not, especially in an industry where staying on top of your game means consistently pushing the limits and successfully implementing the latest and greatest tactics. But we have always kept one eye on where we are today while having one eye looking forward to anticipate change and evolve our services to address business challenges and opportunities. As the Read More…


A Tale of Two Cities: Salt Lake and Vegas

Vegas vs. SLC

With Las Vegas sitting only 420 miles to the south of our hometown Salt Lake, you might expect there to be some similarities between these two isolated metropolitan cities of the west, right? Turns out, I-15 may be the only thing these two cities share. Before PPBH turned 30 this year, we decided to do what any late-twenties scenester would do before hitting that milestone of second adulthood – we Read More…


30 Years of Change

30 Years of Change

If you don’t already know, this year we are celebrating our 30th anniversary here at PPBH. So of course, we’ve been doing some reminiscing on the changes that the last 3 decades have brought our industry. From the introduction of social media which completely changed the way we work, to new design programs that took our art from paper and pencil to mouse and keyboard, we’ve experienced it all. Things Read More…


5 Branding Blunders We Can’t Seem to Avoid Making Online


I’ve heard people say that print is dying. Regardless of the validity of that statement, one thing that is definitely not dying is good writing. In fact, the world has maybe never had a greater need of people who can adequately and competently communicate ideas and thoughts through words. Unfortunately, brands don’t always get this. Here’s a list of five common errors brands can’t seem to stop making online (specifically in Read More…


Top Tagline Hits and Misses


While other kids were singing rounds of Row Row Row Your Boat, I was singing the Libby’s, Alka Seltzer and McDonald’s jingles. And forget Pictionary, Taboo or Scrabble – Adverteasing is my game. I know I’m not alone. A quick search on Google returns pages of lists, polls and posts of some of the best and most effective lines, and, yes an equal amount of those that fell far short Read More…


Coke Stays Fresh, Even at 134-Years-Old


Have you heard, 40 is the new 20? Well, I’m not sure about how true that statement is, but I can say that in Coca-Cola’s case, as a 134-year-old company, it’s as fresh, hip and relevant as a startup, with the reputation (and probably financial backing) a startup would kill for. Age isn’t keeping that brand down at all. Coca-Cola is a prime example of an old brand that is staying Read More…


Now That We’ve all Gone Native

Native Advertising

The backlash on native advertising (or sponsored content) clearly hit a popular wave with comedian John Oliver’s 11-minute piece last week on the subject. Oliver, formerly of the Daily Show and now helming his own HBO show, Last Week Tonight, took issue with the blithe disregard of news media’s “church and state” rule between editorial and advertising. If you missed it, here it is: The piece was funny, clever and Read More…


Stay Fresh by Going Old


For advertisers, there has always been this preconceived notion that appealing to a younger audience is one of the best ways to grow your company’s revenue, and in many ways this idea is right. Lining up younger customers, building loyalty and encouraging them to interact with your brand are great ways to increase the bottom line. But what if I told you that the older generations might have more to Read More…


Keeping Old Brands Fresh

Fresh and Old

It’s a fact, PPBH is turning 30 this year. That’s right, we are taking the arduous step out of our late twenties and welcoming our thirties with open arms. While we, like an thirty-something, feel anything but old, 30 years is a real achievement for an advertising agency. So we are taking this month to talk about some of the ways we have kept our brand fresh after all these Read More…


Christin and Christina Raising the Bar for 5 Years


This month we celebrated not one but two five-year anniversaries at PPBH. Both Christin and Christina work in the Public Involvement department here at PPBH and both of them have helped raise the bar with their hard work and PI know-how. Christina came to PPBH in 2009 to work on the I-15 CORE project and has since worked with many of our PI clients. Her love for the outdoors, volleyball Read More…