Penna Powers Brian Haynes


We’re in the advertising and communications business, which simply means we’re in business to help your business create more business. We’ve been doing it for over 25 years, which says a few things: It says we understand if our customers don’t succeed, then we don’t succeed. It says we understand not just the need to make success happen, but how to make success happen. And it says that what we do has been working.

We are a fully-integrated advertising, public relations, interactive and public involvement firm that employs the best and brightest creative and strategic talent that Utah has to offer. The one thing we’ve reinforced over and over again through the years is that we aren’t an awards-driven agency. Which isn’t to say that we don’t win awards—we’ve won plenty and we’ve appreciated the recognition, but the real reward is successful, on-going client relationships.


In our quest to deliver tangible, positive results for our clients, we’ve simplified our philosophy down to one thought:

“If it doesn’t sell, it ain’t creative.”